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Chip wire-bonding defect inspection

Chip wire-bonding defect inspection

To inspect defects with wire-bonding by light field camera. It supports in-line inspection as a 3D vision camera. In order to improve production efficiency.

Defects Description




Camera module


Inspectable chip

Gold wire diameter:≥18μmμm

Spacing:2 times wire diameter

Number of layers:≤2layer

Inspectable chip size


Wire height


Inspection accuracy

Pass inspection rate:≤0.1%

Missed detection rate:≤0.1%

Inspection efficiency




Project testing requirements

Project nameDefect Inspecction
Product DescriptionTray plate: 143×67mm²
MEMS chip: 4×1.5mm²
Gold wire: diameter 17.78μm, wire height 410~440μm
Full page: 720 chips
Description of RequirementInspect gold wire defects:Double bonding  /Bonding pad/ offset Broken /wire Scratch / Wire sagging /Crossing wire/  Missing wire  /Particles on die /Wire height/Wire tight
Demand backgroundTraditional solutions cannot use three-dimensional information to determine defects and cannot quantitatively detect height information.
Project statusDecember 2020, communication needs
In March 2021, it will be put into verification
In November 2021, the first set of verification passed
December 2021, batch delivery
Product solutionsGold wire detection solution
VS2-00@L0D85CG and VA6H-17@L3D00CG
Inspection efficiency20000UPH
Product operation statusRunning stably so far

Project environmental standards

ContentParameter requirements
Flatness of incoming materials

1) Vacuum adsorption; 2) Product corner positioning pins; 3) Front pressure plate; The height difference of the four corners of the sample is < ± 30 μm;

Camera motion controlThe camera can move in the Z direction with a repetition accuracy of<1 μ M
Camera&Light Source Trigger ControlTrigger the camera to capture images through PLC; Response time<10ms;
Working vibrationThe exposure time of the camera is about 1ms; There is no shaking in the screen
operating systemThe graphics card driver is the latest version during on-site debugging
Industrial computer requirementsEquipped with NvidiaRTX3060 graphics card

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